Etihad Gateway Portal

An Airlines Manager’s first – Etihad Airways Partners has developed the first members portal, built by our most experienced members with all our Etihad Airways Partner Airlines and AeroTeam Cadets at the centre of its use. Currently exclusive to our Professional Mode players, it has additional tools to supplement the Etihad Finder, as well as additional in-house tools, stats and other functionalities. We are proud to deliver on our promise to our members to lower their operating costs and increase their profitability.

Members requiring additional assistance with the Etihad Gateway Portal, or looking to report bugs, suggestions or feedback can do via the dedicated Etihad Finder & Gateway Discord Server. We are currently working on brining an equivalent experience to Tycoon Mode, with subsequent announcements made in due course.

Etihad Gateway serves as your Hub for Growth

Our Etihad Airways Partner Airlines and AeroTeam Cadets on Professional Mode can make the most of not just Etihad Finder, but extra functionalities and additional stats and more by using Airline Manager’s first and most developed online Portal!

Professional Members can log into Etihad Gateway below.

Etihad Gateway Log In

Etihad Aviation Training Portal

The revitalised online Aviation Training Package now has dynamic and up-to-date resources meaning you can find the latest information on gameplay here regardless of your game mode or play style – for role-play and rank-rushers alike!

The Etihad Aviation Training Portal is also home to the expansive Etihad Resource Library, home to useful documents, logos, livery resources and more!

Developing our Talent as our Next Generation

Etihad Aviation Training is a world-class set of resources developed in-house by our most knowledgeable and experienced Partner Airlines from around the world. Coupled with the Etihad Gateway Portal, nothing will stop our Members growth.

Members can log into their Training Portal below.

Etihad Aviation Training Log In