Our Service Highlights

Etihad Aviation Group is a cooperative of multiple airlines based around the globe whose goal it is to help manage and promote your airline more effectively. Whether it may be lounges, cargo, maintenance or media relations, the combined experience of our staff can be relied on. We tirelessly aim to assist you as much as possible in expanding and enhancing your airline. Whatever you need, we have got it covered, so why not choose a world leader for all your airline services?

Etihad Aviation Group has expanded into providing quality Role Play Services to other airlines at our major hubs, Partner Airline hubs and frequently serviced destinations. We are a true world leader offering only the best in our 3 core business areas; Airport Services, Airlines Services, Aircraft & Cabin Services.

From Chauffeur Door to Aircraft Door

Etihad Aviation Services can cater for all services from Roadside to Airside. From Chauffeur to Check In, and from Lounges to Suites, our Airline Services can cater for all.

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Airline Services

At Etihad Aviation Services, we can provide you with a wide range of Services used to boost your marketing and passenger experience. Whatever you want, we will strive and produce a product of excellence.

Airline Branding
Here you can get all your branding needs from an in-game profile picture, to an “Airline Zoom” to showcase a new hub, route or aircraft to a Website. Etihad Airline Branding has it all!

Airline Profile Picture

Customisable display pictures for your Airlines Manager profile!

Airline Zoom

We can provide GIF’s or reusable static templates.


We can build your airlines website from scratch!

Etihad Aviation Training
Etihad Aviation Training is a world-class EASA and GCAA approved training organisation part of Etihad Aviation Group. 

Ground Training


As a part of Etihad Engineering services, we also offer Engineering training for Mechanics and Technicians for all Airbus and Boeing fleets. Training starts from apprentices all the way up to instructors.

Ground & Support Staff

There are many other roles included in an airline! We offer specialised training for Check In staff, Ground, Cargo handling, Medics, Fire Safety, Security Personnel and much much more.

Flying Training


Etihad Aviation Training has 10 full flight simulators and a flight training school. Experienced instructors offer a comprehensive training programme on all Airbus and Boeing aircraft as well as instructor, examiner ratings.

Cabin Crew

We also do Cabin Crew Training and development, with a wide range of courses available for new and senior cabin crew managers including courses for specialist crew functions like inflight chefs and nannies. 

Etihad Cargo 
We can provide your airlines cargo services using our Etihad Trucks and our fleet of Boeing 777F and 747-8F aircraft. We also make use of our passenger network and partner airlines for the transfer of cargo and freight.

Cargo Products

Priority like never seen before

Our premium priority, airport-to-airport service, provides preferential access to capacity, late acceptance and early retrieval of cargo across Etihad’s global network. Enjoy Priority Loading, guaranteed shipping even on fully booked flights and priority access.

Your Pride and Joy shipped globally

Our FlightValet specialised products facilitates the transportation of high-value vehicles across the globe with Etihad Cargo. Be it for personal vehicles, racing cars or large vehicle fleets, we are able to accommodate and provide utmost support for a seamless transportation.

Treasures are secured

FlyCulture is a tailored service for the transportation of rate and valuable paintings, sculptures and musical instruments across the globe safely, securely and discreetly. For larger shipments, we provide a seat for a courier to accompany the valuable shipment.

Ensuring perishables are protected

FreshForward is designed to make the process of moving flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish and meat simple across our global network. We also offer the delivery of perishable cargo directly to the centre and doorstep on refrigerated trucks.

Now all Species can travel Etihad!

Transporting animals by air is surely the fastest and most comfortable method of travel. We offer customised solutions for transporting pets, with specialised services for other animals. We adhere to all regulations ensuring the safest travel experience for all species in our care.

Protect what’s important to you

Our dedicated service for moving valuable cargo guarantees that precious goods are transported with the highest degree of care and security. Seamless import and export, final and first mile delivery are provided in the service.

For International Race Horses

SkyStables guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for our equine passengers and peace of mind for their owners. Take advantage of our global freighter network and charter services to ship to and from global destinations. They only fly on our Boeing 777F Freighters.

Designed for Pharmaceuticals

We take the handling of pharmaceuticals very seriously. Using specially-designed temperature-controlled equipment, we transport pharmaceuticals in the quickest possible time, adhering to the highest compliance guidelines.

Cargo Services

Etihad Cargo is now a major global player providing a complete suite of cargo and logistics products and services across our international network. 

We offer a full range of products and services, all of which are designed to offer best in class solutions. We take pride in our innovation and offer the latest transportation techniques & technologies, as we look to be the best air cargo logistics provider in the industry. 

Charter options are also available for customers seeking bespoke solutions. Airlines without a Cargo presence can use Etihad Cargo and our Cargo Partners as their preferred partner, offering them discounts, benefits and more for their loyalty.

We also offer Services for Repatriation flights, Mail & E Commerce and shipment of Dangerous Goods.


Etihad Guest & Loyalty Programme

Join the Etihad Guest Programme Your Airline can use our Payload Rewards Programme as your official cargo airline loyalty programme.

Become an affiliate member of our Payload Rewards Programme Your airline can keep its loyalty programme, but can partner with Payload Rewards meaning that Guests on both airlines can enjoy the same benefits.

Allow Etihad Aviation Services manage your Airline’s Loyalty Programme Etihad Aviation Group can create your airline’s unique loyalty programme and continue to manage it.

When you choose to become an affiliate member or let EAS create your loyalty programme we can create custom loyalty cards and create tiers for your programme and integrate them into a website

Design Harmonious & Luxurious Spaces

We operate a number of Lounges across the Globe which your Airline can make use of. Our Etihad Catering Division caters Halal Food from Low Cost options up to Michelin Star meals for the our exclusive A380 First Experience dubbed “The Residence”.

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Airport Services

Etihad Airport Services can assist daily operations at your Hubs. Whether it be deploying staff, organising onboard or lounge catering, or running your airline lounge – we can do it all. 


Your airline can share our award winning global network of “Etihad Lounges” or have us set up our non-affiliated lounge called “The House” which is for our EAG Services Customers.


Our Catering is Halal and we do offer Alcohol on our services, offering basic economy meals for Low Cost Airlines like Air Arabia, to award winning Michelin Star rated First Class meals for the world’s most exclusive travellers in Etihad’s First Class.

We can provide customised menus, cups and catering trucks for your airline.

Ground Services

Our Etihad Aviation Group Staff can coordinate Check in and Security Management staff at our Hub airports for your airline, and can be deployed there.

Our services can sort your airlines aircraft from when it arrives until pushback and everything inbetween!

Engineering Showcase

Etihad Engineering can design and paint a livery or decal for your Airline, which stays on your Airlines Manager Profile. We also can fit our your aircraft with Seating from Low Cost Operations to High Class Suites.

Connect to our Staff for Regular and On Demand MRO Services with Etihad Engineering via our Discord.

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Aircraft Leasing

Leasing allows airlines to fill in missing schedules and fill in with aircraft for a short term until more aircraft can be sourced. Aircraft are one of the most important parts of an airline, and we are dedicated to making sure that you have the right plane for your needs. You can also lease your aircraft to another airline via Etihad Aviation Group.

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Aircraft Charters

We offer Charter flights with short, medium and long-haul aircraft available to operate these, including for repatriation flights, aircraft cover, business and executive travel, VIP and Royal movements and more. Etihad Cargo Services are also available for all charter missions, including for Humanitarian, Disaster Relief and Aid flights.

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Cabin Services

Find everything for your airline from Customised Seating, to Aircraft Seat Maps and In Flight Entertainment Systems.

Seating Concepts

Economy Smart Seat

For Enquiries, Please Visit our Discord.

Business Studio

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First Apartment

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First “The Residence”

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E-Box Entertainment

Pair your seating with Etihad’s award winning entertainment system which features hours of inflight entertainment including Live TV*, latest blockbusters, TV shows and box sets as well as games, magazines, music and more!

Are you a Low Cost Carrier?

Why not enquire about our E-Box steaming service, which uses inflight wifi to stream to phones, tablets and computers and is especially catered for narrow body aircraft.

*Additional Cost

Etihad Engineering

Etihad Engineering is one of the world’s leading Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service providers, offering aircraft maintenance and engineering solutions to a host of global customers, and Etihad Airways. 


We are able to deliver A/B/C/D Checks for the following aircraft;

  • Airbus: A220, A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380
  • Boeing: 737, 767, 777 and 787

If you require maintenance for other aircraft, they may cost more due to import of spares.

Scrapping & Conversions

Here at Etihad Aviation Services, we take great care of all aircraft, and we are able to scrap any aircraft in our numerous global scrapping locations. We ensure maximum safety of all staff involved and we try our best to reuse the aircraft parts to keep a green wonderful world. We strive in our recycle and reuse objectives, with a higher percentage of aircraft parts reused than our competitors.

Alternatively, we can convert passenger aircraft to freighters or ‘Combis” – a mixture of passenger and cargo configuration.

Airline Paint Shop

Etihad Airways Engineering teams regularly deliver complex aircraft livery and rebranding for customers including full stripping and repainting on multiple aircraft types.

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