Choose Well

Reflecting Etihad Airways Partners’ evolution into an ‘alliance of choices’, We invite you to “Choose Well”. The inspiration behind our “Choose Well” campaign was taken from the Founding Father of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the choices he made to develop the United Arab Emirates.

Choose Well is an invitation for all to make choices about how they play and how they journey with us on their Alliance journey. It is also a validation that Etihad’s Airways Partner Airlines and AeroTeam Cadets are at the heart of every good choice we make.


Partner Airlines


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Airlines Manager

  • Flagship Alliance Rankings
  • No Tax
  • 10% Discount on Purchases
  • Timely Validations
  • Fully unlocked Aircraft Catalogue
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  • Vibrant Chatroom
  • Global Community
  • Assistance 24/7
  • Dedicated Forums
  • Progression Opportunities
  • Exclusive Tools and Resources

Etihad Gateway

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  • Progress Monitoring

…and more!


From humble beginnings, Etihad Airways Partners created new opportunities for established and developing carriers. On our journey, Etihad Airways Partners has been dynamic and innovative, leading us to become an alliance leader.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should join.


Flagship Alliance Ranking

Our Flagship Alliances are constantly within the Top 20 Alliances Globally, with all Alliances within the Etihad and AeroTeam Family consistently remain within the Top 100.


Exclusive Portal

Our Professional Members can make use of our Etihad Gateway portal, which has been exclusively constructed by Etihad Airways Partner Airlines will push your potential to the next level.


Revitalised Training

Our exclusive Etihad Aviation Training Package available for Etihad Airways Partner Airlines and AeroTeam Cadets has been revamped with a new Guide to Gold, and more!

Adjusting the Finer Details

At Etihad, we don’t only look at what Airlines Manager can offer you. We are focussed on the your experience from the minute you join our Discord Server, to the way you interact with our tools. No area is left unturned. Why not join us if you are a Gold or Silver Star?

Discover our 2 Alliance branches for more information.

Etihad Airways Partners

AeroTeam Academy


Don’t take it from just us! We have interviewed a wide spectrum of our member base, from Executives to Members, some of our most established Etihad Airways Partners Airlines to some of the newest AeroTeam Academy Cadets. Feel free to browse and learn about their experience with us so far!

“I joined EAP after seeing an advertisement in late September 2020. Airlines Manager was an awesome game, but as soon as I joined the EAP community I realised it was a whole new dimension. Not only could you get the best advice from our player-mentors and the best tools (credit to MegaTaxi and TransSnowFlake) to develop your airline at a record speed but you also get a community with the kindest people you could ever meet.
For players who ponder whether they should join EAP, I would urge you to check out this community and see for yourself and I promise you will realise that you chose well. The EAP community is not about playing a game, it’s a lot more.”

Air India
Professional & Tycoon Mode
Chief Media Officer at Etihad Airways Partners 

“Chenie Group has been an Etihad Airways Partners member since April of 2020. When I joined EAP I realized that it is much more than just a game. It is also a kind community that is always willing to help, but that’s not even it! There is much more to EAP than just a game or community. The alliance has welcomed me with open arms and has continued to support my growth with top-notch mentors, industry-leading technology and tools, and frequent group purchases. Before joining EAP, I could only dream of reaching the top 1000 ranks. Now, around a year after joining EAP, it is reality.
For non-EAP members, I strongly recommend that you at least join and see for yourself. Once you do that, you will discover that EAP is truly unique and that no other alliance even comes close to offering what EAP offers.”

Chenie Group
Professional & Tycoon Mode
Executive at Etihad Airways Partners 

“Regal Air Group is a member of Etihad Airways Partners since January 2019. It is a unique partnership of airlines who have joined together to offer easy connections to almost every destination in the world. Each airline in EAP maintains its own individual style and cultural identity, which brings the richness of diversity and multiculturalism to the alliance.
EAP has helped Regal Air Group with its tools and mentorship in everyway possible and because of which Regal Air Group now ranks amongst the top 100 airlines of AM today.
To those who are still deciding on joining EAP, I would say this “We have everything that your airline would require to grow and succeed. Why don’t you check us out yourself and decide.”

Regal Air Group
Professional Mode
Executive at Etihad Airways Partners 

“Etihad Airways Partners had taken me on with open arms, and provided a significant boost in growth with regular Group Purchases. EAP has also provided me with help and tools beyond my imagination, that have brought my largest airline just over 1000. This is coincidently, exactly on my anniversary since the day I joined.
To the non EAP airlines out there, I would recommend us as we have a large, supportive and active community with boundless knowledge. We have several daily group purchases with 10% discount in the top few alliances, supporting all major manufacturers. And finally, we have access to a wide arsenal of tools and resources to aid airline growth.”

Sino Air Group
Professional Mode
Executive at Etihad Airways Partners

Community is at our Heart

Serving our Community is one of the core competencies of our organisation. Not only do we provide for our own Alliance Community, but we have opened the Etihad Finder tool to the whole Airline Manager Community. We also ensure a safe online community in our Servers.

Connect to our Community via our dedicated Discord Servers.

Professional Mode Discord

Tycoon Mode Discord