A Truly Multifaceted Alliance

Confident with our results on Playrion’s Airlines Manager, in late 2021 Etihad Airways Partners launched our first alliance on Xombat’s Airlines Manager 4. Now a multifaceted alliance group, we took a select number of our highly trusted members on a new venture to redefine Alliance Membership on AM4.

Our aims on AM4 fall similar to our core values. We are looking to create a strongly-ranked alliance with a family-sense of community in a competitive alliance market. We are already looking into creating useful resources to really accelerate Partner Airline growth and understanding, in an easy to understand format.

What does it take to Join?

We have set the following requirements, as we believe that potential Partner Airlines will have a basic understanding of the game. The following requirements are;

  • Membership: Must join our Discord Server
  • Level: 8+
  • Contribution: $200/day
  • Inactivity: Max 3 days without an absence notice in Discord

If you fit our requirements, join us on this journey by searching “Etihad Partners” on AM4 Alliances.

Connect with the  Community

Our dedicated AM4 Discord Server is catered to the needs of our Etihad Airways Partner Airlines. Stay up to date with Fuel and CO2 prices, meet other members of our Alliance Community, share resources, seek mentorship from larger Airlines and more!

Apply and Chat to our Partner Airlines on our Discord.

AM4 Discord