Choose Well

We understand everything in life is a choice. Choose Well is the tagline of our alliance as it is our philosophy as an alliance, as we understand choice occurs in everything we do. The inspiration behind our “Choose Well” campaign was taken from the Founding Father of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the choices he made to develop not only the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, but the United Arab Emirates and the greater Arabian Gulf.

Choose Well is an invitation for all to make choices about how they play and how they tailor their journey with us. It is also a validation that Etihad’s Airways Partner Airlines and AeroTeam Cadets are always at the heart of every good choice we make.

Reflecting our evolution into an ‘alliance of choices’, we extend our invitation to you to “Choose Well” with us. 

Playrion’s Airlines Manager Now has 2 Ways to Play

Etihad Airways Partners first launched in 2016 on Professional Mode, and with the long-awaited Tycoon Mode Alliances coming online in late 2021, now is the perfect time to join us whether your game play is accelerated or not.

Accelerate your Airline Growth with us today.

Professional Mode

Tycoon Mode

Why Choose Etihad Airways Partners?

Etihad Airways Partners is a unique partnership of airlines whose main goal is to lower individual airline expenses, by increasing returns on aircraft, lowering purchase prices, and providing expertise advice on airline functionality. We pride ourself on the activeness and diligence of its players above all else, and we ensure to our new players an active and professional environment.

We are always happy to help you no matter your query, big or small. We have tailored our experience to our Members with namely the following unique benefits that make us stand out from our competitors (to name just a few!);

1. Flagship Alliance Ranking
Etihad Airways Partners constantly rank within the Top 10 Alliances Globally on Professional and Tycoon Modes, with remaining Alliances in our family sitting comfortably within the Top 100.

2. Etihad Gateway Portal
Welcome to Airline’s Manager first and most developed member portal, exclusive to Professional Mode. It has been exclusively constructed by our most experienced Etihad Airways Partner Airlines, to unleash your Airline’s growth potential.

3. Etihad Aviation Training Package
We have developed our own in-house Resources including our exclusive ‘Going for Gold’ Guide – filled with hints, tips and advice to really make the most profit out of your virtual airline.

Remember the above benefits list is not exhaustive! You will also be able to make use of the in-game benefits of your chosen game mode, and access to a Discord Server home to over 200 Partner Airlines. You will be able to find a more details and information on the webpage of the game mode you are looking to join us with, whether it be Professional, Tycoon or on AM4.

Etihad Airways Partners is Expanding Across New Horizons

Our growth potential has taken new heights, by launching on Xombat’s Airlines Manager 4. We are confident in our ability to innovate that we should bring the ‘Etihad Experience’ across to a new platform, as we have redefined Alliance Membership in AM4.

Explore our latest developments.

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