Etihad Airways Partners is a unique partnership of airlines whose main goal is to lower individual airline expenses, by increasing returns on aircraft, lowering purchase prices, and providing expertise advice on airline functionality. We pride ourself on the activeness and diligence of its players above all else, and we ensure to our new players an active and professional environment.

Get Ready for 2 Ways to Play

Alliances are coming to Tycoon Mode in 2021, and we will be launching our successful Etihad Airways Partners Alliance and AeroTeam Academy there.

Looking to Join us? Discover our Branches below.

Etihad Airways Partners

AeroTeam Academy


Etihad Airways Partners and AeroTeam Academy is available for you, no matter what mode you play. We tried to simplify the application process as much as possible, meaning there are only 3 criteria that you need to meet to join us;

  • Adhere to our Discord Server Guidelines
  • Adhere to our Member Guidelines
  • Gold Stars for Etihad Airways Partners OR Silver Stars for AeroTeam Academy

Upon joining our server, we will ask you 4 simple questions, just to gauge some more about you as an individual and your style of play whether that is role play or rank rush. We will then find an alliance best suited to your abilities.
If you have any queries, feel free to join our Discord Server and ask an Executive who are eager to receive your application.

Choose to Fly Higher

Set your Airline apart with membership of award winning Etihad Airways Partners or AeroTeam Academy, with improved airline efficiency. With a community of over 100 Partner Airlines, Why not unlock your Airline’s Growth with us today?

Discover more benefits of joining our Alliance.

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