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Etihad Airways Partners was established on March 2016 on Playrion’s Airlines Manager. In a saturated Alliance market, we have taken inspiration from Sheikh Zayed, the founding Father of the United Arab Emirates, who taught us to be dynamic and innovative, which has led to our alliance leading the way for others to follow.


We have since grown from one alliance to a group of over 8 alliances, and home to exemplary resources, a vibrant Discord Server with other 100 airline partners and with a high consistent alliance ranking, why choose to be a member elsewhere?


Etihad Airways Partners is currently looking to expand our global network, so why not look at what Etihad Airways Partners and AeroTeam Academy can offer you, Choose Well and Join our ever expanding Etihad family.


Etihad Airways

Founder of Etihad Airways Partners


To Deliver our Etihad Values and unique sense of family in the Etihad Airways Partners Community.

To Deliver economical savings to Partner Airlines through in-game Membership and through other mediums.



Etihad Airways Partners is a unique partnership of airlines who have joined together to offer you more choice, with a combined network to serve the globe.

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Inspired by Sheikh Zayed, our entire alliance philosophy is based on making better Choices. Airlines have a choice when it comes to using tools, alliances, and role play services. We strive to ensure that Etihad is always their top choice.

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Instilling values of tolerance carries on Sheikh Zayed’s legacy and teachings, and that is exactly the community we aim to build for our members.

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Spirit of the Union

Our initial experiment of creating this alliances was to see how an ‘Etihad’ meaning ‘Union’ in English, between Airline Partners would work. We combine ties that bine us, as one family under one leadership.

Celebrating 4 Years on Airlines Manager

Etihad Group is celebrating 4 years on Airlines Manager this September. We have continuously evolved and redefined what it means to be a part of an Alliance, leading the way for others to follow. Want to be a part of our History?

Discover our Alliance Branches below.

Etihad Airways Partners

AeroTeam Academy